What is the surface area of pitches?
The surface area of our pitches ranges from 80 m² to 100 m².

Can I choose my pitch?
We cater for visitors’ preferences wherever possible. However, booking only secures your specified dates and accommodation or pitch type.

Do I need to bring a European adapter plug to use the electrical sockets provided with the pitches?
All our pitches are equipped with a 16 amp European socket. You will need a European adapter plug and extension cable to use these sockets. We can lend you a European adapter at reception in return for a deposit.

What is the difference between the special rate for overnight motorhome pitches (stop accueil) and the special rate for motorhomes?
Our 9 stop accueil motorhome pitches are situated in an independent and secure area at the entrance to the site. These pitches are not supplied with water or electricity. Unlike the other types of pitches, they cannot be booked and are only available for an overnight stay. Visitors must arrive between 5 pm and 7 pm and leave before 11 am.
Our 74 pitches offered at the special rate for motorhomes are located inside the site. They are more spacious and are supplied with water, electricity and a drain for waste water. It is possible to book these pitches and the length of your stay is not limited. The two special rates include access to the shower and toilet blocks and a WiFi connection on the pitch.



What is the difference between a Citylodge Premium or a Citylodge Comfort ?
Our Premium Citylodges are larger and include more equipment (dishwasher, electric oven, 4 hotplates instead of 2 in Comfort, and pressure cooker). Premium models with two and three bedrooms also have two bathrooms. Furthermore, the end-of-stay cleaning is included.

What time can I arrive?
You can access your Citylodge between 3 pm and 7 pm.

Is a deposit required?
When you check in at reception, we request a 270 € deposit, which is not cashed and can be taken as a pre-authorisation on your bank card. The pre-authorisation means that the requested sum is placed on hold in your bank account but not debited. Cheques are not accepted.

Is an entrance inspection and inventory realised on arrival?
Our team checks your Citylodge before your arrival. Any faults or missing items must be reported before 10 am the next day.

Can I rent sheets and towels ?
All our beds are supplied with mattress protectors, duvets and pillow(s). The beds are made at your arrival and bath linen is provided (sheet, towel and bath mat). If your stay is longer than 7 nights, we offer you a housekeeping service in the middle of your stay (including change of sheets and towels).

Is it possible to hire a cot?
Subject to availability, we can provide a baby kit free of charge including a high chair, travel cot, potty and bath tub. We advise you to book this by email or telephone.

Can I invite other people to my Citylodge?
Visitors can access the site during the day at no extra charge.
You can also invite a visitor to stay the night in your accommodation provided that you do not exceed the maximum capacity for your Citylodge. Your visitor must also check in at reception and pay tourist tax.

What happens when I leave?
The inventory and entrance inspection will be the subject of a control by the team of the camp-site after your departure which will take into account the remarks reported by the customer on the day of arrival. Any missing item or damage to movable and immovable property will be charged.

Do I have to clean before leaving?
End of stay cleaning is included for Citylodges Premium. For Citylodges Confort, the end of stay cleaning is optional (60.00 €).


Booking and payment

How do I book my stay?
You can book your stay by phone or online, paying a minimum deposit of 30%, or you can put an option for a stay and have a deadline to confirm your reservation. If you put an option within 15 days of arrival, you have a 48h deadline to pay your deposit. If you put an option more than 15 day before your arrival, you have a 8 days deadline.
Once we have received your payment, we send you a booking confirmation, which cannot be transferred to a third party and must be presented on arrival.

In what circumstances can I cancel or break off my stay (delayed arrival, early departure)?
These circumstances are specified in our general terms and conditions of sale.

Can I take out cancellation insurance?
We recommend that you take out insurance covering cancellation or early departure to ensure that you are able to get your money back if necessary. It will entitle you to a full or partial refund of the cost of your stay depending on the conditions of the insurance policy.

Is the site listed for subsidised holidays under the VACAF scheme?
No. The site is not VACAF-listed.



Is WiFi available on the pitches?
All our pitches and Citylodges are covered by a very high speed WiFi network. A limited connection is available free of charge allowing you to use the Internet and check your emails. If you require a higher speed connection (for downloads and videos), you can pay for this online with your bank card by logging on to the site’s WiFi portal.

Are facilities available for people with reduced mobility?
The reception area, one toilet and shower block, and one of our Citylodges are accessible to people with reduced mobility. A dedicated parking space is also available at the site entrance.

Are activities organised for children?
Although we do not organise activities on the site, the Parc des Gayeulles offers various facilities for children (playgrounds, pedalos, mini-golf, treetop adventure park, swimming pool, ice rink, etc.). These facilities are not managed by the site.

Is there a swimming pool on the site?
We do not have a swimming pool on the site but there is an indoor municipal swimming pool just 500 metres from it in the Parc des Gayeulles.

Are barbecues permitted?
For safety reasons, charcoal barbecues are strictly prohibited in the Parc des Gayeulles and on the site. Only the communal barbecues provided in low-risk areas of the park are available for public use (approximately 200 m from the site). You can also hire WEBER electric barbecues from the site reception (this service is only available for site visitors). A €150 deposit is required to hire a barbecue. This is not cashed.

Are there shops on the site?
No. However, the nearest supermarket is only 1.5 km away. Delicatessen items, hot and cold drinks, ice creams, bakery products and breakfasts (advance booking required) are available from reception.

Is it possible to hire bikes at the site?
We do not hire bikes at the site but there are several bike hire shops and Vélo Star bike hire stations in the city centre.


Can we rent a pitch or Citylodge all year round ?
Pitches and Citylodges have only a leisure purpose. According to dispositions of the French “Code du tourisme” article D331-1-1, it is forbidden to take up residence in a campsite. Therefore, the duration of a stay is limited to 28 consecutive nights per year for the Citylodges and to 90 consecutive nights per year for the pitches. For any stay longer than 30 nights on our pitches, a proof of address must be provided : the last receipt of registered rent for tenants, and the last notice of property tax accompanied by an invoice of EDF, gas or telephone of less than 3 months for owners. A certificate of free accommodation, or a proof of residence at a social action center or an organization approved by the prefect are not accepted as a proof of address.

Is it possible to book for one night?
It is quite possible to book an overnight stay regardless of the season for pitches.
For citylodges, the minimum stay is two nights during the week (from Monday evening to Thursday evening included) and one night on weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening included).
For groups only, it is possible to make a special request for a stay of one night during the week (contact us by phone)

How do I book several pitches or Citylodges?
Any booking of more than one pitch or Citylodge by the same individual or by different individuals who know each other and are travelling together for the same reasons and staying on the same dates is considered to be a group booking.
You must contact the site for any group booking requests. The site reserves the right to examine the booking request before accepting or rejecting it.

What are the arrival and departure times?
Pitches: arrival between 3 pm and 7 pm / departure before 1 pm
Motorhome stop-accueil: arrival between 5 pm and 7 pm / departure before 11 am
Citylodges: arrival between 3 pm and 7 pm / departure before 11 am

Is it possible to drive back to the site late at night?

The barriers are closed between 11 pm and 6 am.
You can park your vehicle outside the site after 11 pm (the car park is monitored by CCTV).

Can I bring two cars?
Only one vehicle is permitted per pitch. You must leave any other vehicles at the site entrance in the area in front of the barriers. Visitors with motorhomes can add one car per pitch at no extra charge.

My child is a minor and wants to visit the site with friends. Is that possible?
For obvious reasons of safety and liability, minors who are unaccompanied by their parents (or legal guardians) are not permitted to stay on the site. Minors must be accompanied by their parents (or legal guardians) for their entire stay and their parents (or legal guardians) are fully liable for them. It is strictly prohibited to leave them unaccompanied and unsupervised within the site enclosure.

Are dogs permitted on the site? Are they permitted in the Citylodges?
Pets are welcome on the site (except dangerous dogs – categories 1 and 2 in France). We accept two dogs/cats per pitch and one dog/cat per Citylodge. Dogs and cats must be identified and vaccinated against rabies (you must show us their health records), kept on a leash, and never left unsupervised on the site.